The System of Racism part 2

In the second half of my conversation with anti-racism educator Paul Marcus we talk about how the history of discrimination by government, banking, business, education, and housing institutions has resulted in enormous disparities in wealth between white and black communities, and we address questions of white guilt and police bias.

Unpacking White Privilege part 2

In part two of our conversation, Peggy McIntosh talks about the five phases of understanding white privilege, and how white people can use their unearned advantage to work against the system which perpetuates it.

If you’d like to read the essays by Peggy McIntosh discussed in this show, you can write to her at to request free copies.

Unpacking White Privilege

A conversation with Peggy McIntosh, author of the groundbreaking essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”, published in 1988.  She talks about how encounters with the sexism of well-meaning men helped her see that she too had blind spots about her own racism.  She describes how humbling it was for her to grasp the concept of white privilege and how understanding it has changed her life.  You can write to her at to request free copies of her essays.