Waking Up White part 2

In part two of my conversation with racial justice educator Debby Irving, we talk about the interpersonal dynamics of racism – in friendships, in “white spaces”  like schools and offices, and even around the dinner table.  Debby gives great, concrete suggestions on how to shift these dynamics in useful ways.

Waking Up White

My guest this week is Debby Irving, author of the book Waking Up White, who talks about the way her world was shaken when she began understanding the extent to which her whiteness has been crucial to her success in life. She also details the ways in which her new ability to engage in challenging conversations about race has helped her feel closer to all the people in her life.

The System of Racism part 2

In the second half of my conversation with anti-racism educator Paul Marcus we talk about how the history of discrimination by government, banking, business, education, and housing institutions has resulted in enormous disparities in wealth between white and black communities, and we address questions of white guilt and police bias.