Disrupting the Vicious Cycle

I conclude my conversation with TRC commissioner Sandy White Hawk about how centuries of removing native children from their families has created a pattern of trauma and corresponding struggle that has made ongoing removal of children more likely.  She talks about alternative approaches that support families in difficulty and expresses her hopes for the TRC in Maine.

A Story of Being Out Adopted

In part four of our series on the TRC,  I talk with one of the commissioners, Sandy White Hawk.  Sandy talks about being taken for adoption by a white missionary family who believed they were saving her from the poverty of the reservation.   She describes the power of being reunited with her tribe at 35,  and the deep feeling of belonging and safety she felt as she finally reclaimed her identity.


Breaking the Silence

In part two of our series on the TRC, I speak with Maria Girouard, Esther Attean and Stephanie Bailey of Maine Wabanaki REACH. We discuss the process of gathering the untold stories of the many people affected by the longstanding practice of removing native children from their families and their tribes.