Guilt When a Parent Dies

We continue our series on hidden feelings this week with two stories about guilt, the kind we feel when we believe we didn’t do enough at the end of a parent’s life.  We’ll hear from people who were troubled by the way they failed to show up for their parents, and discuss the process of finding relief from that guilt.

The Bite of Conscience

Today we continue our series on hidden feelings with an in-depth examination of guilt.  I speak with Stanford professor of psychiatry and human biology Herant Katchadourian, author of the book Guilt: The Bite of Conscience, about the urge to confess our guilt, how it can be used as a weapon, and how we can know whether we feel too much of it or too little.  He explains a time-tested five step process for resolving our guilty feelings, and also passes on some Buddhist camping wisdom. A surprisingly fun conversation!

Loneliness and Your Brain

On today’s show we open with a story about how hard it is to feel lonely when everyone around you seems to be part of a happy couple.  Then we talk to psychiatrist Amy Banks to find out what social isolation does to our brains, and some concrete things we can do to strengthen our ability to connect.

Intergenerational Loneliness

This week we begin a new series on hidden emotions – guilt, loneliness, humiliation, and jealousy. We’re starting with a story from David about how he came to understand the origins of a persistent and puzzling loneliness that he’d felt since childhood.