Child Welfare Services and Native Families

We end this season by revisiting the topic of the Maine Wabanaki State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I speak with former DHHS worker Shawn Yardley about why children are removed from native families at disproportionate rates, and what it’s been like for him, as a white man, to raise three girls with native heritage.

Hidden Emotions

We conclude this series on loneliness, guilt, humiliation and jealousy with a story that combines all four.  We also revisit an earlier interview with Dr. Aaron Lazare about shame and humiliation and how these self-conscious emotions intersect with the feelings we hide.

Sudden Humiliation

This week we talk about the fourth and final emotion in our hidden feelings series…humiliation. That moment when you feel like dirt in someone else’s eyes, which is often so hard to bear that we bury it without ever really putting it to rest. This week we have two stories from people who felt suddenly exposed and humiliated, and we’ll talk about where things went from there.