Hormones and Sexuality

Hormones and Sexuality: An interview with gynecologist Dr. Bethany Hayes about how estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and oxytocin affect sexuality. [Read more…]

The Impact of Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault: an interview with Julia Chafets, education coordinator with Sexual Assault Response Services on the short and long term impact of sexual assault on womens lives. She also reflects on how learning about rape effects young boys and women who are not assaulted.

Sex Therapy

Interview with Sex Therapist Stephanie Abate on how sex therapy can help couples develop a pleasurable sex life. [Read more…]


Interview with Gina Rourke on Masturbation. [Read more…]

Women’s Desire

Interview with Sex Therapist Gina Ogden about women’s sexual desire and how falsely limited it seems when we restrict it to desire for intercourse. [Read more…]