Pediatric Medical Trauma

An interview with psychologist and researcher, Dr. Nancy Kassam-Adams about children’s medical experiences as a source of PTSD.  Nancy, gave helpful suggestions for how parents can identify trauma in their kids after painful medical procedures or hospitalizations.  She told a story of a child injured in a hit and run car accident, where the parents greatest difficulty had to be coming to terms with an adult who could leave her child, and the child’s biggest fear had to do with waking up alone at night in the hospital.  We especially talked about the ways that hospitals are moving to make pediatric care more “trauma informed”  (sensitive to the possibility of trauma), working not to separate children from their parents, and measuring the D, E, F’s of care: remember to assess and treat Distress, provide Emotional Support and, to include the Family.  Nancy described an innovative program to treat adolescent cancer survivors and their families.  Lastly, she offered two resources: for parents, and for professionals.

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