Prisoners Providing Hospice Care

This episode features two conversations with people involved in the hospice program within the state prison in Warren, Maine.  First we speak with the program’s founder, Kandyce Powell, executive director of the Maine Hospice Council. Kandyce talks about the genesis of the prison’s hospice program, her motivation for starting it,  and the difference it has made in the lives of the men who die in prison, as well in the lives of the prisoners who volunteer to provide them care.  In the second half of the episode we hear from one of those inmates, Bobby Payzant, who has been part of the program for more than two years.  He talks about why he is incarcerated, and how he became interested in joining the hospice program.  He also reveals that the hospice volunteers have formed a band called The Sounds of Comfort, and we close the episode with one of their songs.


  1. Holly Fleming says

    Hi Anne,

    I want to thank you for this and the following segment regarding hospice care in prison. It was incredibly powerful and touching and had lessons for all of us, whether in prison or not!

  2. Robert Bach says

    Hi Anne

    What a great service you are providing. I liked Kandyce’s remark

    “giving them the opportunity to give of themselves”

    Your manner of interviewing is so incredibly non threatening

    Warmest wishes


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