Being Outed

A conversation with Samantha, who was outed as a lesbian to her parents by a teacher at her school, about the turmoil this has created in her life.  She talks about being rejected by some of the most important people in her life after they learned she was gay, and how that experience has inspired her to be a leader in her local LGBTQ community.


  1. Susanne MacArthur says

    Incredibly moving program. Thanks so much, Samantha, for being strong enough and caring enough to be interviewed. You are an amazing example for all of us. Thanks, Dr. Anne for putting this show on the air!!!

  2. catharine curtis says

    Dr. Anne,

    your interview with Samantha was powerful. I wish I could give Samantha a hug and tell her how much I respect her. as the mother of a lesbian, I feel grateful that my husband and I, despite our shock and pain at our daughter’s “coming out”, were able to love her unconditionally from the start. those were the first words that we said to her when she told us that she was in love with another woman. we hugged and said that we accepted her no matter what.

    we all have so much to learn. it is amazing to me how the psyche (or at least my psyche) has the ability to change and to grow. we both grew up in families where homosexuality was not even mentioned. any reference we heard of same sex relationships were negative. our families were very conventional.

    we initially experienced embarrassment and felt unable to share with our friends and extended family for a long time. our daughter came “out of the closet’ and we then felt that we were’ in the closet’. our other two daughters were informed before we were.

    we read books, one of which she gave us. it is called Now That You Know.. I went for therapy, sometimes with our daughter. I asked her questions. we e-mailed when she was away at college. I attended PFLAG for a while. now, 30 years later I understand and embrace not only our daughter and her partner, but also gays who are in a contented place and gays who are struggling with their sexual orientation..

    I went public a few years ago and testified before our state legislature in support of gay marriage. in a public vote, our state eventually passed same sex marriage. it is happening all over the country.

    thanks, dr. Anne, for the enlightening interview. you are an educator. we are educators too.. our friends have learned much from our experiences. we share with anyone who asks about our three daughters.

    nothing that was said in your interview was a surprise to me. it is a difficult journey. I understand about Samantha’s double life.

    keep up the good work.

  3. Paul Ginter says

    Thank you so much for this touching interview. I so appreciate your courage Samantha, and, as always, love your presence as an interviewer Dr. Anne.

  4. Robert Publicover says

    Samantha was and is really brave to stand up for herSELF! Something I wish I had been able to do at her age. Thank you Dr. Anne for a powerful and touching interview.

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