Guilt When a Parent Dies

We continue our series on hidden feelings this week with two stories about guilt, the kind we feel when we believe we didn’t do enough at the end of a parent’s life.  We’ll hear from people who were troubled by the way they failed to show up for their parents, and discuss the process of finding relief from that guilt.

Loneliness and Your Brain

On today’s show we open with a story about how hard it is to feel lonely when everyone around you seems to be part of a happy couple.  Then we talk to psychiatrist Amy Banks to find out what social isolation does to our brains, and some concrete things we can do to strengthen our ability to connect.

Self-Care for those with Generations of Mental Illness in the Family

An interview with personal trainer Beth Erlichman about having both a mother and a daughter with mental illness.  Beth describes growing up with a mentally ill mother like living in a storm.  At 16 she found a boarding school in another country as a way to get out and take care of herself.  She grew up in a family that never [Read more…]

Celibacy and Failure

Neil McKenty talks with Safe Space about his experience with celibacy as a Jesuit Priest. Neil says that priests in training were not talked to or helped in coping with the demands of celibacy. Ultimately he was unable to remain celibate, left the priesthood and has been married for the past 27 years, a decision he credits as the best thing that ever happened to him.