Working with Jealousy

This week our series on hidden feelings continues with jealousy. We’ll hear two stories from people who have experienced jealousy in their professional lives, from the kind of jealousy that makes you feel inferior, to the kind that makes you want to disappear. We explore where it comes from and how to change our relationship to it.

OCD’s Many Manifestations

Musician and educator Monica talks about how the intense insomnia that began in her 40’s led her to a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  She talks about several habits, including skin picking and intrusive violent thoughts, that suddenly made sense after this diagnosis, and about the combination of medication and therapy that has allowed her to sleep better and live with less anxiety.

Obsessive Confession

Psychotherapist Rob talks about his own anxiety, which creates in him an insatiable need to confess things to those around him, and which can also lead to debilitating panic attacks.   He talks about the various therapies he’s tried, including two which have greatly reduced his anxiety in the past few years.