Emotional Abuse of Children in Violent Homes

An interview with child advocate Brie Masselli about her own experience growing up in a home with domestic violence.  Brie tells the story of running to school to escape her stepfather’s violent outbursts, and how her childhood struggles in and out of school were missed by those who might have helped. [Read more…]

Child Abuse and Physical Health 25 Years Later

An interview with Dr. Vincent Felitti about his groundbreaking research to show that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s, like abuse, neglect and severe family dysfunction) are correlated not only with mental illness and addiction, but also with physical illnesses like heart disease, lung disease and even auto-immune diseases.  He reports that just asking patients about the presence of such painful experiences results in [Read more…]

Obesity’s link to Child Abuse

An interview with Dr. Vincent Felitti about his groundbreaking work discovering the high prevalence of child sexual abuse among those who are obese.  In his clinic 55% of patients coming in for treatment of obesity had histories of child abuse.  When the patients were asked, it turned out that obesity was a form of solution [Read more…]

Loving Across the Political Divide

An interview with Sheila Heen, co-author of Difficult Conversations:  How to Discuss What Matters Most  and member of the Harvard Negotiation Project; about how she manages difficult conversations in her own marriage.  Sheila and her husband are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and [Read more…]

Restraints in Mental Hospitals

An interview with Bob Stains of the Public Conversations Project about the use of restraints on patients in mental hospitals.  He discusses facilitating a series of conversations in which both the workers who apply restraints and the people to whom restraints have been applied are able to talk about their experiences [Read more…]