Yoga Nidra for Returning Vets

An interview with yoga teacher, researcher and author, Richard Miller about his adaptation of yoga nidra for use with returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan. Richard describes studies done by the department of defense showing that yoga nidra can be effective at reducing the symptoms of PTSD, allowing vets to sleep through the night, to feel safe inside themselves, and to gain a sense of mastery over outbursts of anger and rage.  He describes how yoga nidra works to create a state of consciousness where we become aware of our sensations, thoughts, feelings and breath with acceptance and openness.  He works with pairs of opposite feelings to help participants gain a sense of being more than their feelings and sensations.  As an example he works with feelings of shame, helplessness and collapse, that many veterans feel, at being unable to prevent the death of a friend, and works with its opposite, the feeling of potency and vitality that allow the shame to begin to dissipate.  We end with a brief taste of yoga nidra.  You can find out more at

Creating Safe Space inside yourself with Yoga

An interview with yoga teacher and retreat leader, Deb Cook, about how a daily practice of yoga can build a sense of safety inside.  Deb describes how turning the attention inward on a regular basis creates a feeling of a home inside that one can always return to.  [Read more…]

Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

An interview with yoga teacher and therapist Deirdre Fay about her experience of discovering her own trauma history through yoga.  Deirdre reports that yoga is always an agent of transformation, that softened her defenses to the point that her body began to relive previously forgotten memories of trauma.  [Read more…]

Yoga for Trauma Survivors

An interview with yoga teacher and author, Dave Emerson, who co-wrote, Overcoming Trauma through Yoga about the development of “trauma-sensitive yoga.”  Dave begins by talking about how trauma is held in the body, and can be addressed through the body, often in conjunction with talk therapy. [Read more…]

Yoga Therapy

An interview with the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Michael Lee about how yoga therapy can help people to heal lifelong patterns that hold them back in life.  Michael suggests that when we experience emotional tension associated with difficult life events, we also experience physical tension.  [Read more…]